Trends have sure changed in the past two decades or so. From the noisy modem dial-ups to the 24/7 wifi connection, technical advancement has touched our lives in more ways than we thought possible. It’s no longer ‘cool’ to have a smartphone; it’s an absolute MUST.

In last 3 years alone, mobile phone subscribers have grown astoundingly form 1.6 billion to 2.3 billion worldwide (which is like 44% increase :O). Of course, this staggering growth was not unmarked by the minding numbing growth in mobile application development. Solely in 2017, nearly 197 billion mobile applications were developed and deployed on various App stores/platforms.

It would not be an understatement, to say that software developers, particularly mobile application developers, have become the major driving force in every industry. Mobile apps have taken up nearly every aspect of our lives, from health and food to complex business transactions.

Let’s talk about some of the key trends and changes brought about by the advancement of mobile application development.

Health and Fitness

Staying fit no longer requires traveling miles to reach the best fitness experts. Instead, you let them come to you now – in your house, in your office, in fact everywhere you go. You just have to download the right fitness mobile application and it will watch your calorie intake, schedule relevant workouts and even monitor, analyze and count every step (walking, running..) you take towards calorie burnout.

You think this is impressive? Then let me tell you about the super intelligent screening and modular tracking mobile application programs. The User Interfaces of these applications, like Lung Direct, have specifically been designed by mobile application developers to bring froth simplicity and user friendliness to complex medical processes. Thus, making it easily understandable and usable for the general population. Once you install one of these applications, you no longer have to worry about missing your doctor’s checkups or appointments for your chronic illnesses. The apps themselves function as a 24/7 nursing unit, updating your doctor about your nodules via continuous screening and tracking.


Finding your favorite recipe or food restaurant on your mobile phones via a run of the mill applications seems so humdrum these days. What excited me recently was the ability to bring precision cooking in our very kitchens.

All you have to do is: buy a cinder grill or install smart knob devices into your stove, download any precision cooking app and you are all set. Just like that, you can now never burn or overcook your precious steaks and veggies, even while sleeping. Your mobile application will buzz you and, in some instances, even stop cooking once the desired level of doneness has been achieved. How cool is that, Heh?


Mobile app developers have not only made life easy for travelers by allowing them to book hotels on the go, finding quality restaurants nearby within budget, staying in touch with loved ones; but, they have given a new perspective to world trotting with the universal language translator applications. Forget about communication problems as long as you have one of these awesome apps in your pocket.


The drudgery of mobile app developers has undoubtedly led to the exponential growth of the e-commerce segment, resulting in unimaginable profit gains and margins for nearly every business. No matter what the industry, mobile e-commerce has touched almost all aspects of our lives, from online banking to daily grocery to e-learning institutes and programs.

Our succinct talk about mobile app development trends would be incomplete without admittance of the fact that surge in mobile application development has significantly affected the software industry as well. It has given rise to a mushroom growth of mobile app development companies and hence mobile app developers. This has, in turn, contributed to the vigorous development of the countless mobile applications.

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